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  • How long will it take to put up my roof?
    Every Job varies, but here is a rough estimate of what it will look like Day 1. schedule on site estimate Day 2. Client is issued a contract after reviewing the contract, and signing we start to move forward. Day 3. Collect a deposit not to exceed $ 1,000.00 Day 4. We began scheduling and permits. Day 5. You're all set and given a start date. ( we are usually booked out for 10 days.) Day 15. Start date. Day 16. Plywood delivery usually in the A.M., Install is usually done the same day. Day 17. City inspector comes out to verify all wood is up to code. Once inspector signs off we start the next day. Day 18-19: We began installing Day: 20. Complete magnetic clean up and wait for the city final inspection.
  • What happens once I sign my contract?
    Once a contract is signed we are ready to go. 1. We will pull the permit from the city your property is located on, to allow us to work on you roof. (each city varies in price and time it takes to pull the permit) 2. We will then need a written confirmation of the color the client picks. 3. Then we coordinate with our experienced roofing crew to schedule your roofing services.
  • Financing is a must for us and we are looking to get a 15 or longer loan. Do you have that option or other financing options available? This is a must for us so we would like to know this information before someone comes to inspect the house
    Yes we offer financing. If you would like us to send out an application please let us know.
  • We are looking at architectural asphalt shingles or 3 tab shingles. Do you do those?
    Perfect , we are certified installers for Owens Corning and GAF
  • Are permits currently included in your pricing? If so, what are those costs?
    We usually charge $ 100 administration fee plus whatever the cost of the permits would be in addition to the contract price which is usually 250 - $ 500.00 depending on the city.
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